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SelectClassics concept of build-to-order classic cars was developed from a combination of decades of collecting classic cars and SelectClassics owners who have decades of experience in complex build to order manufacturing and re-manufacturing supply chain operations. In general we saw the disapointement of many collector car enthusiasts in making what we describe as the 80% mistake. Buying a car that looks "pretty" good (maybe 80% of an A car) and finding a few weeks later to get to 81% the car will require alot of money, the loss of use in body shops, mechanical shops, storaage, specialist shops.

Our forumula at SelectClassics is to put nearly all our cars through a standardized process

1. experienced acquisition of low or no corrosion vehicles

2. complete tear down to bare metal

3. coat the bare metal in epoxy primer, perform necessary body work... paint in high end clear coat base coat (e.g. Dupont, Standox ore equivalent)

4. completel update interiors... new sound deadening, all new upholstrey, headliners, dashes, trim, stereos, power door locks, sunroofs (power and OEM crank roofs), new glass, rubber etc

5. engine refreshes from light resealing and rebuild to high HP, turbo charged monstors

6. New modern air conditioning, heater fans etc.

7. Re-assembly

8. Testing both unit (area) and complete system (full car drives from 10's of miles to 100's)

iWe provide daily / weekly review of the build process in digital pictures and video.

If you visit our facility you will generally find dozens of builds in progress, generally 1 to 2 finished models of BMW 2002's, Boss Mustangs, Shelby's, 69 Camaro restomods, 69/70 Mustang Fastback restomods for sale and for demonstration

WE also can take on YOUR project and use our low cost manufacturing approach to benefit your build. Our primary allocation of re-manufacturing / restoration capacity is supplied to our builds but increasingly take on customer turn key projects for completion or even minor repairs. Call or email and let us make it happen fast for YOU !

Since we stock many parts for our builds we also sell parts and manufacturer parts. Give us a shout we only sell what we USE and can provide much information and detail on choice and pricing of restoration parts.

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Email: info@dcrasolutions.com

11447 Reeder Road, Dallas TX 75229

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